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DYMO LabelManager™ 210D+

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Final Sale: may not be returned or exchanged
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With a large screen, quick-access buttons and simple navigation, the LabelManager™ 210D+ is versatile and easy to use. Choose from eight font sizes, seven text styles and eight boxes plus underline to create custom labels suited for almost any office labeling job, plus store and quickly access up to nine frequently used labels. Enjoy labeling made easy from start to print with the LabelManager™ 210D+.
  • Type text quickly on the computer-style (QWERTY) keyboard
  • Print up to 9 copies of the same label and up to 12mm width
  • Create labels with 8 font sizes, 7 text styles and 8 boxes plus underline
  • Use quick-access buttons for punctuation, currency, clip art diacriticals and other symbols
  • Store and quickly access up to 9 frequently-used labels
  • Print 240 symbols to personalize or reinforce your message, including distancing, hygiene and safety symbols for safety signage
  • Print 1 or 2 lines per labe
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries or optional AC adapte
  • 2+ 1-year limited warranty
  • External label cassettes are made from 100% recycled materials
  • Item # S0784440
  • Dimensions: 154.94 mm x 164.85 mm x 63.75 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Software Compatibility: N/A
  • Label Compatibility: D1 - Standard, Durable
Best For
  • Files and Binders
    Files and Binders

    DYMO labels help organize files and binders.

  • Supplies Storage
    Supplies Storage

    Keep track of storage and supplies with labeled boxes.

  • Home Organization
    Home Organization

    DYMO labels are perfect for home organization projects

  • Recommended Use
    • Retail
    2-Year Limited Warranty