From our beginnings in 1958 as an embossing company, DYMO® has grown to become a leader in the labelling industry, with a global reach and responsibility. That responsibility is of great importance to DYMO® and we are committed to maximizing your efficiency while investing in sustainability—one label at a time.

With this initiative, DYMO® has a dedicated team striving to become more sustainable every day, not only through our products and packaging, but also through our production and transportation processes, and our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our commitment to sustainability

What we're doing

1Sint-Niklaas Plant, Belgium, Europe (LabelWriterTM labels for the US market are produced in Mexicali, Mexico) | 2D1® Standard labels, D1® Durables labels, all LetratagTM labels, Embossing plastic labels, Rhino labels, XTL labels, LabelWriter® durable labels | 3Research conducted by A Greener Refill™ LLC. | 4DYMO® LabelWriter™, LetraTag™, LabelManager™, Embossing™ product range | 5In accordance with most strict set of requirements of department of energy (DOE), DYMO® batteries use minimal to no energy while product is in stand-by | 6LetraTag and Embossing only